Tiff, the Hippo

Hello to all my new followers!

One lovely lady you’ll see a lot on my blog is my leading lady, Tiff.  Tiff is the greatest English Bulldog I’ve ever laid eyes on.

This month is Tiff’s 3rd birthday so I thought I’d introduce her to you all a bit better.  Normally, I’m not a fan of dressing dogs up in clothes- I feel like they are naturally meant to be free and naked.  But this year for Halloween, Petco had this huge clearance on costumes so the BF, Sean, and I couldn’t help but look.  I saw this pink hippo outfit and couldn’t help but try it on for myself too (cmon, $4 halloween costume to share among me and a dog?).

First I tried it…

Hippo outfit

But then we figured Tiff definitely Wore It Better.  Below are my favorite pictures of Tiff, the Hippo:IMG_8560 2 IMG_8591 2




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