San Francisco Street Photography

I walk to work everyday to my job by crossing through San Francisco.  Well…almost every day.  I love walking to work because it gives me 35 minutes to myself- to breathe in fresh air, to people watch, to check out the cute and trendy outfits of the women going to work, and to let my mind wander.

When you walk the same route every single day, you start to appreciate the little things- things like watching the Chinatown shop owners set up for a day of selling groceries in the market at 8:30am, the children walking to school, the beautiful tall buildings that block the sun for those blocks in the financial district, the businessmen and women and their briefcases who are in a hurry with a coffee in their hand.

I had my camera with me on my walk to work the other day so I decided to take a shot at Street Photography by capturing some pieces of my daily commute to work.  Below are some of my favorites.  Does it make you more intrigued by San Francisco?  🙂

SF Streets-5

SF Streets-6

SF Streets-7

SF Streets-4

SF Streets-9

SF Streets-17

SF Streets-15

SF Streets-19

Beautiful Grant Street, Chinatown

SF Streets-21

SF Streets-24

SF Streets-26

SF Streets-29

SF Streets-35

SF Streets-32

SF Streets-31

SF Streets-38

SF Streets-36

SF Streets-44

SF Streets-43

SF Streets-52

SF Streets-47

SF Streets-46

SF Streets-55

SF Streets-58

SF Streets-65

SF Streets-61

SF Streets-62

SF Streets-60

SF Streets-68

I don’t know why but the 4-way crosswalk still makes me laugh

SF Streets-69

SF Streets-70 SF Streets-74

Just because I liked these flowers 🙂

SF Streets-76 SF Streets-78 SF Streets-79

SF Streets-80

SF Streets-82

SF Streets-87

SF Streets-86

SF Streets-91

SF Streets-92

SF Streets-94

SF Streets-96

SF Streets-97

SF Streets-98

SF Streets-99

SF Streets-100

SF Streets-104

SF Streets-113

The stash!

SF Streets-115

SF Streets-117

SF Streets-122

SF Streets-121

SF Streets-125

SF Streets-130

SF Streets-127

SF Streets-128

SF Streets-134

SF Streets-136

SF Streets-135

SF Streets-137

SF Streets-131

SF Streets-124


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