Kevin and Elyse Married! (And some vacationing in beautiful Hawaii)

My family and I headed to Hawaii this past Fall for my big brother’s wedding!  This trip was significant to me for a couple of reasons: 1. My big brother was getting married 2. It was in beautiful beautiful Oahu, Hawaii 3. It was the first time in my entire life that both my Dad’s side and my Mom’s side of the family would be together 4. It wasn’t even my wedding and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

We flew into Oahu on a Sunday and enjoyed our time over in the vacationey Ko’Olina, eating delicious shrimp trucks and swimming with Turtles in North Shore, and hitting our favorite local joints on the way (benefits of your sister-in-law growing up on the island).  Once the wedding festivities started, we spent most of our time over towards the west side of the island and in Honolulu.

The ceremony was held at Elyse’s grade school, Punahou (Obama’s school! Yep I always have to say that), in their chapel where her parents also got married.  When Elyse put her dress and veil on, we all got hit with emotion and started tearing up- she looked absolutely beautiful.  Then we all headed to downtown for a beautiful reception overlooking the ocean and Diamond Head, at the beautiful Halekulani Hotel.  There our family had an unforgettable evening of great laughs, good drinks, and a night of dancing (even my parents).  Here were some fun pictures from the trip!

IMG_6556 IMG_6650 IMG_6662

Elyse’s Europe-themed Bridal Shower in HawaiiIMG_6750 IMG_6751 IMG_6776 IMG_6782 IMG_6786 IMG_6793 IMG_6826 IMG_6842 IMG_6873 IMG_6878

Wedding day!  Starts with a special delivery from the Best Man, the note from the groom 🙂IMG_7243bw IMG_7252 IMG_7263 IMG_7265 IMG_7281 IMG_7305 IMG_7321 IMG_7345 IMG_7347 IMG_7349 IMG_7368 IMG_7380 IMG_7394 IMG_7431 IMG_7434 IMG_7440 IMG_7466 IMG_7500 IMG_7503 IMG_7504 IMG_7508 IMG_7527 IMG_7610 IMG_7627 IMG_7656 IMG_7673


Thanks Dave Miyamoto Photography for these next 2 pics! This is my dad gettin down, surrounded by all my Brother and Elyse’s college friends ha.

Dad Dancing Groups1303




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