Dub Nation

It’s been a great year for San Francisco Bay Area sports teams.  First the Giant’s won the World Series, then the 49ers in the Playoffs, and now the city has been painted blue and gold for the Golden State Warriors in the 2013 NBA Playoffs- a team I’ve grown up with for the last 20 years.

I got to make it to a Playoff Game last Friday- the first I’ve ever been to in my life.  There’s something about Playoff Games that you can never compare to a regular season game- the energy is amazing, the crowd is uproarious, and your legs get sore because you are jumping on your feet the entire time.  Here were some pictures I took on my iPhone, but I will say the photos don’t do the crowd any justice.  Pretty much, we were in a sea of gold and my ears were done by the end of the night.  Love it!  #DubNation

SF City HallCityHallPre GameCrowd




Crowd Panoramic






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