Spontanoeus Trip to Sunny San Diego

A couple weeks ago, Sean and I were thinking of taking a nice hike a little outside of San Francisco, near Marin.  Somehow our “hike” idea ended up turning into a last minute trip to San Diego.  Ah, gotta love spontaneity  … Continue reading

Kevin and Elyse Married! (And some vacationing in beautiful Hawaii)

Kevin and Elyse Married! (And some vacationing in beautiful Hawaii)

My family and I headed to Hawaii this past Fall for my big brother’s wedding!  This trip was significant to me for a couple of reasons: 1. My big brother was getting married 2. It was in beautiful beautiful Oahu, … Continue reading

San Francisco Street Photography

I walk to work everyday to my job by crossing through San Francisco.  Well…almost every day.  I love walking to work because it gives me 35 minutes to myself- to breathe in fresh air, to people watch, to check out … Continue reading

Taking Notes and Taking Pics: Matt & Sarah

Two weeks ago, I got the opportunity to attend a photography workshop for one of my favorite photographers, Christine Chang.  (Seriously, no joke on the name.)  Although, I’ll admit, I partially stumbled upon her when I was Googling myself as … Continue reading

Fleet Week and America’s Cup (Back to October 2012)

Fleet Week and America’s Cup (Back to October 2012)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I’m doing lots of catching up! Lets go back in time to the month of October, which was great month it was to be in San Francisco. Fleet Week, the World Series, … Continue reading

San Francisco after the Sun Sets

San Francisco after the Sun Sets

I was walking around North Beach, San Francisco the other day and realized how millions of people travel across the world from all different countries to visit the city that I live in.  I think that is amazing.  San Francisco … Continue reading

The Poppies

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

I saw this quote today and it reminded me of a goal I set myself when I got my first DSLR- that I would try to bring my camera with me to as many places as possible and ‘make’ a photo out of any situation.  Welp, that hasn’t really happened as planned.  So, today, I will start!

Poppies (CA state flower, woot!) seem to only show up every so often in a year, so when I walked by a small patch of them in someone’s yard, I thought I would capture it on camera in case they were gone the next time I walked by.  Aren’t they beautiful?