I’ve moved to ChristineChenPhoto.com :)

Hi There!

Thank you so much for your support and for following my blog posts 🙂  I’m so grateful.  Several months ago, I decided to make the jump to a personalized domain where I’ve been tweaking and updating to provide you with the cleanest viewing experience.  I’m now excited to announce that you can find me at http://www.christinechenphoto.com/ where I’ll continue to post my latest photo adventures in weddings, portraits, lifestyle, and my personal good times.

Look forward to seeing you there!




Hello world!

Welcome to the very first blog post to kick off Christine Chen Photography. A few weeks ago, I realized my computer was filling up with photos that I’ve taken, but were just sitting there untouched and unseen. SoI figure, why not share them with the world and find out if my photos are any good?

And thus, brings me to Christine Chen Photography.

Here, you’ll find the beautiful faces and places I’ve captured on my new camera and get a glimpse into the lives and emotions of some great people. I am new to photography and want to learn as much as I can along the way, so please feel free to share any tips and feedback. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!